Smart Packing: Lighten Your Luggage and Still Have Everything You Need (free Smart Packing template)

I love to travel! 

I hate packing!

Before discovering this new method, I would just throw clothes in a suitcase without much thought. Upon arrival, I would notice that I missed essential items and have to buy them. I also packed items that never got worn, and just weighed me down.

In my previous post, I outlined the capsule wardrobe concept and its benefits for daily life.  By applying this concept to packing, last year I took a 3-week business trip with nothing but 15 items of clothing in my carry-on.  Despite seeing the same people every day and attending many events, I never repeated an outfit.  I also had space in my suitcase to splurge on a nice handbag and matching pumps!

Here are my five tips to make your trip planning as smooth as possible.

1.     Have a Master List of Clothes, Outfits by Day and Other Essentials

I know, lame, right?  But preparing this simple document will save you so much time and energy.

This document allows you to plan what items of clothes you will need to bring by setting out each day’s outfit. I also include a column of essential items to bring, like a phone charger, important documents, toiletries etc.  It’s just a simple table, but you’ll be amazed by the effect. 

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2.     Plan Your Outfits

I plan my outfits for two reasons: First, I want to make sure that the clothes I selected to bring make sense and coordinate well with each other. Second, I know where to insert my laundry days. This brings me to my next point…

3.     Wash Your Clothes Along the Way

Bring a few travel sized detergent sachets and you can wash your items in the sink. If you travel often and are a committed carry-on traveler (or you like to camp!), I have a revelation for you… get yourself a Scrubba! This awesome little device folds down to nothing and works like a dream. In 3 minutes your clothes are clean and you just need to hang them somewhere overnight.

4.      Bring a Fold-able Bag

Just because you’re traveling light doesn’t mean you can’t bring some gifts home.  I have a nifty little bag that folds on itself and takes no space at all, but can enlarge to the size of a carry-on. No need to buy a new suitcase!

I hope this makes packing for your next trip a little smoother! 

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