Exciting News & The 2017 Tidy-Up Challenge


Last week I received the wonderful news that I have been officially certified as a KonMari consultant!  This has been my number one priority since returning from New York in August, and now that it’s out of the way, the real work begins!   

Now that I'm fully certified, I can announce some really exciting projects I have been working on. 

First, I have revamped my consulting packages and added an online package for those who would like to work with a consultant in a more independent way, or who don't live near where I do: Vancouver, BC. Now, I've got you covered!

I am also launching a program just in time for the new year that I believe can help many people. It's called The 2017 Tidy-Up Challenge. It's a twelve-week program starting in January.  A group of participants will be conquering the Konmari method together, one category at a time. For some, the idea of a more organized, peaceful lifestyle sounds amazing. But unfortunately, due to time or financial constraints, it isn’t always possible to work with a consultant one on one.  There are also people who would rather work a bit more independently, but within a framework and also have access to some support. Regardless of which category you are in, this Challenge is for you.

The challenge will include: 

·          6 bi-weekly interactive webinars where we will go into detail about tackling KonMari categories. This will also be a chance for you to pose questions to me about challenges you face with specific categories or broader issues around the method itself.

·         One weekly email (12 total) covering tips on how to conquer the category of the week, storage ideas, inspiration and more. 

·         A printable calendar that allows you to plan out your tidying time slots. This makes all the difference when you are also trying to manage a family, work and social activities. 

·         A printable checklist to help you keep track of your progress.

·         Access to our exclusive Tidy up challenge Facebook where you get to share your experience, victories and challenges with others. 

·         And of course, you can reach me for support by email at any point during that period. 

As part of our commitment to bringing more joy to the world, we are transferring 10% of each registration to Kiva. If you never heard of this organization, I recommend to check them out here. Kiva lets you invest in a small entrepreneur’s dream through a micro-loan as small as 25 dollars. And you get to decide where and who will receive your loan. 

Registration for the challenge is already open and the early bird rate lasts until December 1st! I hope to see you there.