Professional Organizers and KonMari Consultants

Here are two questions that I've often received after starting my training to become a KonMari Consultant:

“Can’t I just read the book and tidy up myself?”  

"Can't I just hire an organizer to do it all for me"?

The answer to both is: Yes, absolutely.  

Some people will have no problem learning the steps laid out in the book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  They will go through and complete the process and never revert back to their old ways.

Other people know they have a clutter or organization problem but don't have the time or energy to deal with it. They'd rather hire someone to take care of the mess for them, at least for now.

To the former category, I say, "go forth and conquer"! You are fortunate to have the mental fortitude to get the job done alone.

For the latter category, and for those of you curious about how a KonMari Consultant fits in, the rest of this article is for you.

I'll leave a few comments on the differences between a traditional professional organizer and a KonMari consultant for a bit later. For now, I'd like to focus on the three main reasons why hiring a professional might be a good idea.

1. Timeline and Vision

A professional will help you set a timeline and vision for organizing your home. Perhaps you've just downsized and can't imagine how you will fit all your things into a smaller space.  An organizer can identify nifty storage solutions you may never have considered. A KonMari consultant can work with you to determine what you might let go of to comfortably fit into the new space.

2. Accountability

When you involve a professional, you subject yourself to someone that will call you out when you don't stick to the timeline. This accountability  encourages you to keep progressing in your journey. Whether you're working hand-in-hand with someone, or just letting them in the door, it becomes an appointment you need to keep.

3. Expertise

Your home is your castle, and yours alone.  But frankly, most castles are pretty similar and they have the same issues when it comes to clutter and organization.  An organizer or consultant brings training and experience to help you.  Whether it's finding a better way to store a book collection rivalling the public library or working with you to discard and donate your collection to the library, they can guide you through it.

Sounds promising, right? If you have decided that hiring someone might be the best option for you, it's time to decide what kind of professional will be a better fit.  

This is important, as I believe that having the right support can make your process move forward or lead you to you give up. A quick google search might show you dozens of hits for organizers in your area.

While a traditional professional organizer may or may not require your presence to  organize your home, a Konmari consultant absolutely requires you to be there.   With a KonMari Consultant you must commit to participating in the entire process as no decision is made without you. It's your stuff and your home - you own it, so to speak. 

Another key difference is that a KonMari Consultant does not organize by area of your home i.e. first kitchen, then living room etc. We tackle your belongings by category instead i.e. clothes, books, papers etc.  We believe you'll make faster and longer lasting improvements this way.

As Marie Kondo joked during our training session, her consulting practice is based on a terrible business model, because she has no repeat clients. Once they've completed their sessions her clients never require her again to keep their homes organized.

KonMari Consultants are there to guide you through the process and keep you motivated and committed; but for true change to take place, you need to be a part of it 100%.

Our goal is to free your life and home from clutter once and for all. I know that it sounds too good to be true, but based on my experience (and many, many others) something definitely shifts when you are confronted by everything you own. Our goal is to make it as easy and enjoyable for you as possible.

Ready to start your journey?