What I'm Reading this Week

Here's a selection of articles making me think, laugh and cry this week. 

Look Inward to Determine Your Financial Values - NY Time

- A great article on ensuring your financial plan is aligned with what is truly important to you. 

The emotional Toll of Clutter - Experience Life

- It's about more than mess.  A cluttered home can sap your energy and affect your mood. 

Letting Go of Sentimental Objects - The Minimalists

- A son empties his mom's apartment after she dies and learns to deal with what's left behind.

One Way to Deal with Your Messy Roommate - Cosmopolitan 

- Hilarious! Guy creates passive aggressive art gallery of his roommate's mess.

Experience a Capsule Wardrobe - Joy of Less

How to Get Started with a Capsule Wardrobe. 

Have You Heard of Wabi-Sabi? - Experience Life 

- Appreciation for imperfection. 

Have You Heard About the Spring Tidy-Up Challenge? 

Anyone who has ever gone on a diet knows that desiring change and making it happen are two different things. Often we don't progress because while our intentions are good, we fail to make a true commitment or don't have the tools to succeed.

For example, you may truly wish to get fit. You can read a book about exercise and even start going to the gym. But for many of us, that initial burst of enthusiasm fades and we find it increasingly difficult to keep committed. That's why having a support system is so important. Whether it's a personal trainer who keeps you honest about your progress, or a group of friends that share the same goal, this can make the difference between success and failure.  

If you have tried and failed to KonMari (or declutter) your home, or you don't know where to begin, the 2017 Spring Tidy Up Challenge is for you. Our challenge group will work together to transform our homes into peaceful, organized and inspiring spaces. 

This is a cost-effective program that is available to anyone, no matter where you live. The program begins in April and runs for 12 weeks. It includes 6 interactive webinars, 12 email blasts with guidance and tips, as well as a checklist and progress calendar.  Each webinar is recorded and you can access them for up to a year after the challenge is complete.

Here is what one participant said about it:

“I am loving the webinars, reading the first book (and have taken the second book out of the library) and am enjoying the journey.

This course is tailor-made for me. I always wanted a course like this and could never find one. This one is perfect.”

I encourage you to consider joining, and please send me a message if you would like more information.

Registration is closing soon. To learn more, visit: