Tidy-Up Challenge Participant Interview: Meet Paula!

Paula is part of the first-ever group of Tidy-Up Challenge participants. She began her KonMari journey in January 2017 and is about to finish the program   The next Challenge begins in just a couple weeks. If you're interested, more information can be found here.


1. Why did you join the Tidy-Up Challenge?

Paula: In light of the new year, I promised myself I would actually commit and dedicate time to organize my life. The challenge provided a guided path to get there and it set out a time frame for every action.  I really connected to that concept. 

2. What are you most enjoying about going through the challenge?

Paula:  The challenge was a life changing experience for me. I realized I was attached to so many items I did not need. I felt lighter with each step and the support Marina and the group provided really helped me achieve success.

3. In terms of the format, how have you found the combination of webinars, emails and the Facebook group?

Paula:  I loved it. There were step-by-step webinars, and lots of ideas/reading material on the weekly e-mail. The Facebook group was something exceptional - so much love and support from all the fellow participants!

4. What results has your participation in the challenge produced so far?

Paula: Wow! I don't even know where to start. I have so much free storage space that used to be cluttered with stuff I don't need. Also, I know where everything is, and it is so easy to keep it clean and organized. Besides, I feel so much lighter! Now, I make sure everything that I own sparks joy!

5. What advice would you give to someone about to begin the challenge?

Paula: Keep your mind and heart open. And think about the life you want for yourself. Make sure you talk through any doubts with Marina, she is a great support.