Can't I do this myself after reading Marie Kondo's book, the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up? 

While it's not mandatory for our sessions, I highly recommend everyone read the book at some point.  If you read it and feel that you're ready to go through the process on your own, then you absolutely should go for it!  My role is to guide and coach those people looking for support. Each person will face unique challenges when thoroughly applying the method and having a support system can make the difference.  Whether you convene a group of friends to support each other, or use a consultant like me, I highly encourage you find a way that sets you up for success

What should I expect at our first session?

Your first session is a bit different that the following sessions, as this is the first time I will be visiting your home. We normally start with an informal interview (20 to 30 minutes), so I can understand what you are trying to accomplish by tidying your home. We can do a quick tour of the home, so I can see the layout and storage areas, closets, etc. With your permission, I will also take some pictures of those areas, for your Before and After comparison. Once this is all done, the real fun begins! We will tackle your clothes, work through folding techniques and I might give you some homework before saying goodbye for the day.

Do I need to buy storage items or anything prior to my lessons?

No. Leave that for the end. As we move through the categories and existing storage space becomes available, it will be much easier to see what you will need to get your items in order. I suggest that if you find small boxes or containers that you like while you are tidying, to just put them aside, as we might be able to reuse them to store items or divide drawers and shelves later on.  However, I suggest having a box of black garbage bags at hand for sure!

I don’t own a lot of stuff, is there a specific number of items I must throw out?

You will know what the right number is for you. As we go over every item in each category, just focus on that one item. If it gives you joy and it has a purpose in your life, keep it. If not, just bid it farewell. You can always discard more things later on, but there is no quota for how much you should keep or discard! The focus should always be on what you would like to keep in your life.

Why there is a minimum amount of hours required?

Most people believe they don’t own that much and think that it will be quite easy to sort through everything. It is usually quite a surprise once they have it all laid out in front of them!

Let’s take clothes for example. We will collect all of your clothes from around the house and place everything together in one area.  Item by item, you will decide what goes, what stay and where everything will be stored. You will learn the ideal folding techniques and leave your closet sparkling. Depending on how much you own and how easy it is to decide, this can take as little as 3 and as long as 15 hours or more! But fear not, if there is a lot to go through, and time is a concern, we can divide it in subcategories and I will plan what to tackle that day accordingly.  There is no need to stress - this journey will be fun and it's not a race!