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Do you feel suffocated by clutter?

You are not alone!

Why KonMari Your Home?

  • Transform your home into the sacred space you always wanted it to be

  • Surround yourself with items that inspire you

  • Save time by not having to constantly clean and tidy

  • Save money by reducing waste and selling unneeded possessions 

  • Release yourself from the guilt that comes with discarding sentimental items

  • Decrease family conflict by using systems of organization that will actually work

Spring 2017 Tidy-Up Challenge 

April, May, June 2017


6 KonMari Method Training Webinars
During these intensive video sessions, we will dig deep into the KonMari Method. These bi-weekly webinars will provide you with the information you need to get on the right track and get the job done.

12 Email Blasts 
These weekly emails include tips, resources and motivation. Immersing yourself in the method is critical to keeping momentum and seeing it through to the finish. 

KonMari Method Implementation Checklist
My exclusive Joy of Less checklist allows you to track your progress through each and every KonMari category.  This list will ensure you leave no stone (or drawer) unturned.

KonMari Method Printable Progress Calendar
Unlock your regular cleaning schedule, this is a project with a start and finish. My printable progress calendar allows you to track your progress. 

Exclusive Facebook Support Group
This optional FB group can serve as a sounding board and source of incredible support.  


CAD $99.00 (USD $75 approx) + GST 5%

10% of every registration will be sent to Kiva and used as a micro-loan to help fund someone's dream!