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We're launching a brand new Joy of Less community platform. Get access to: 

  • A community of like-minded people interested in topics related to mindful consumption, decluttering, and organization
  • A monthly live Q&A session as well as regular guest speakers
  • Instant access to on-demand videos
  • Theme-focused groups for stages of life or other areas of interest (parenthood, downsizing, organization with ADHD)
  • Monthly book club 
  • Direct messaging with fellow members
  • Free resource center including guides and checklists

Plus, no more annoying Facebook Groups filled with distracting advertisements, paid posts, and annoying trolls!

This specially designed community platform, accessed by desktop computer or by a fantastic smartphone app, provides the best user experience anywhere. You'll find the community platform makes it easy to access, easy to contribute, and easy to connect. 

Device frame
Good web design is irreplaceable.

By the time we are done, I feel as transformed as my closet looks, and more than ready to escort the difficult, the worn-out and the useless parts of my wardrobe, and my life, out the door. 

Denise Ryan, Feature Editor, The Province

 Like hiring a personal fitness trainer to get into shape, working with Marina provided an ideal combination of motivation, guidance and encouragement to reach my goals. No pain no gain! 

Paul, Joy of Less Consulting Client

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