Programs for Individuals and Companies

 We provide options for individual support and for groups, including coaching, seminars and speaking engagements. 

  • Guided Decluttering

     During each session, we will work together to go through your items, category by category. The session will typically last up to four hours and will provide the support you need to transform your home into a serene space that you can feel great about. 

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    Organizational Development

    Working hand-in-hand, we will develop a practical and engaging program that empowers your staff. Focusing on organization, decluttering and personal effeciency, we can deliver ongoing or project-based initatives that set your company apart. 

  • Brand Collaboration

    Does your company value quality over quanity and embrace conscious consumerism? We can help you amplify these concepts to your clients through targeted programs and events.

Let's talk details

Here are some common questions about our services

  • How can you help me?

    Together, we will use a time-tested framework to examine your home and possessions and identify opportunities to liberate you from items that do not serve a purpose in your life.  Each session we will tackle a category of your possessions.  These categories typically include: clothing, books, documents, kitchen & gadgets and sentimental items. We can also target categories specific to your lifesteyle, like sporting equipment, tools or home office.

    At the end of it, you can expect to have a beautifully organized home that requires only occasional upkeep, rather than the tedious and never-ending "spring cleanings" that seem to be required much more often than every spring. 

    For many, this process is mechanical and straightforward, but for others, it can be an emotional challenge - and I am there to guide you through it.  

  • Do you do speaking engagements?

    Absolutely. In addition to doing a range of media, I've also worked with major brands, such as Muji, to deliver programming for their customers. 

  • Do you work with companies?

    Yes! Applying concepts related to conscious consumerism, decluttering, and organization can support your team to grow, personally and professionally. Team members might also directly apply decluttering and organization strategies to their office or inbox.  

    The format for engagement is flexible. You can facilitate one on one coaching for staff, arrange for a workshop, or just have me in to give a lunch and learn. 

  • Can we work together virtually?

    Definitely. Like many businesses, I've upped my game when it comes to delivering value virtually. We can go through the same process as if I was standing next to you in your home or office. 

Want to get in touch?

If you're ready to get started or if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch at 

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A New Community Driven Approach

Over the past 5 years, through courses, seminars, and one-on-one coaching, I have worked with hundreds of clients from around the world. 

This has been a wonderful opportunity to see the impact of developing a new relationship with consumption and our belongings. I have also witnessed the power of community and peer support in advancing our shared goals. For this reason, I have decided to concentrate my efforts on building a dedicated community of like-minded individuals designed to provide ongoing support.

I would like to invite you to sign up for the brand new Joy of Less community platform . Get access to: 

  • A community of like-minded people interested in topics related to mindful consumption, decluttering, and organization
  • A monthly live Q&A session as well as regular guest speakers
  • Instant access to on-demand videos
  • Theme-focused groups for stages of life or other areas of interest (parenthood, downsizing, organization with ADHD)
  • Monthly book club 
  • Direct messaging with fellow members
  • Free resource center including guides and checklists

Plus, no more annoying Facebook Groups filled with distracting advertisements, paid posts, and annoying trolls!

This specially designed community platform, accompanied by a fantastic smartphone app, provides the best user experience anywhere. You'll find the community platform makes it easy to access, easy to contribute, and easy to connect. 

How to Proceed

Signing up is just a couple of clicks away.  

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